Our quality assurance.

All our grabs are assembled in our modern machine park. In this way we manage the complete production process and guarantee quality.

Personal contact with our dealers allows us to stay informed about the market. Based on the needs of our customers, we are constantly innovating our grabs. That makes us frontrunners.

Having problems? We are ready to help. We understand how important it is to keep your company running: downtime is no option. For that reason, all spare parts of our grabs are in stock by default.

Damaged today,
fixed tomorrow.

Order your spare parts through our dealers. We have all parts in stock and can deliver them within 24 hours.

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Our grabs in action

Original Dutch

We work with qualified employees who know our products through and through. They assemble all the grabs and spare parts. That is how we guarantee perfect fittings, which enlarges the lifespan of your grabs. We call this original Dutch craftsmanship.

Our new colleagues get effective guidance from experienced tutors to teach them all the fine points of the trade. Eventually, they will become as qualified as the employees who have been working at Zijtveld for years.

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